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Should I turn on the Chrome Ad Privacy feature?

If you use the Chrome browser (as over 60% of people do) then you may have seen a message like this recently:

What does this mean?

This feature is designed to give you more control over the adverts you see while browsing the web.

In particular, it gives you the option to stop seeing ads relevant to your identity (insofar as Google understands it) and browsing history, instead just seeing “random” adverts.

It’s turned off by default, the notice from Chrome is to give you the option to turn it on.

Should you turn the Chrome ad privacy feature on?

It’s up to you.

When adverts pop up that are just a bit too relevant to them, some people find it a bit creepy, or feel it’s an invasion of privacy. For example, if you were browsing an online store for some new sunglasses, you might then find you’re seeing more adverts for sunglasses, sunscreen, Mediterranean holidays, that sort of thing.

If your family share devices / Google Accounts it can also cause issues if you’ve been searching for your family’s Christmas presents. When your family then use the same browser, they see adverts for the gifts they’re going to get!

If that’s you, then the ad privacy feature will help you to feel more anonymous when browsing.

You will still see adverts, they just won’t be so relevant to you.

There can be a downside, for example you might miss out on a special offer or a new product launch from one of your favourite stores. And some people feel that, if they must see ads, then they may as well be ones that might interest them!

How to manage Chrome ad privacy settings

If you want to change your settings so you don’t, or do, see relevant adverts, the instructions are here:

This help page also gives you details on how to change other advert privacy settings in Chrome.

Don’t want any ads at all?

Obviously, we are advocates for ads😁. But if you don’t want to see ANY ads you can try using an ad blocker: