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Look sharp! How great Google reviews can bring real benefits

I’d like to tell you a story about a knife.

This is James’ favourite knife. It’s a bog-standard serrated kitchen knife, nothing special, probably cost less than a fiver when it was bought about 20 years ago.

It originally had a wooden handle which, thanks to being put in the dishwasher too many times, eventually fell off.

I suggested buying a new one, but no. James continued to use the knife without a handle, because it was “unbeatable” for cutting cheese!

Last Christmas, the knife mysteriously disappeared. James concluded that it must have been accidentally thrown out.

What had actually happened? I sent the knife away to the wonderful Gemini Bespoke Knives to have a new handle crafted for it.

They were brilliant – fitting a beautiful new handle and getting the job done in time for Christmas.

I was very grateful for their efforts, so I left a review on their Google Business listing, explaining the excellent service I’d received, and including before and after photos of the knife.

A couple of weeks ago I received a notification from Google to say my review had been viewed 50 times.

This means that, in the 8 months since I published it, up to 50 potential customers have seen an independent review telling them how good the company they’re researching is.

Let’s say that my review makes difference between not enquiring and enquiring for just 10% of them.

That’s 5 new enquiries the company’s received, just from doing a good job and asking for a Google review.

Consider how a review like that could help your business. Are there customers you’ve delighted but haven’t yet asked them to leave a review for you?

How many more enquiries might one, ten, or even fifty, five-star reviews earn you?

And consider how important it is for you to leave Google reviews for businesses who have delighted you.

If you need help getting the most from your Google Business Listing, please get in touch for a chat.

And if you need a new handle for a knife, I can highly recommend Gemini Bespoke Knives!