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The brief

Divine Water supplies water and coffee machines to businesses, events and other organisations across the south east.

They’re a well-known and well-respected business. If you live in the south east you’ve probably seen their vans driving around. You might have even tasted the bottled water from their natural spring in Eridge Park.

However, you were less likely to spot them in a Google search. For a company with such a strong local presence in the real world, their search engine visibility just wasn’t pulling its weight.

The solution

Our first task was to establish a Google Ads campaign, to give them an instant presence while we worked on improving their organic Google ranking.

We then undertook an extensive SEO audit, examining many factors known to affect ranking, for example:

  • Keyword research to identify target search terms.
  • Review of the overall website structure and navigation.
  • Exploring the website’s content, particularly to spot thin, empty or image-based pages.
  • Identifying pages which Google did not index and the reasons for this.
  • Investigating their “Core Web Vitals”, which includes page speed and user experience.
  • Checking the mobile-friendliness of the website.

Our audit was presented in a detailed report, including our recommendations.

Once we had the client’s approval, we proceeded to implement the recommended improvements. These included:

  • Revisions to the title tags (which tell Google what each page is about) and meta descriptions (the information you see in search results) across the website.
  • Revising the website’s text content on all key pages to,
    • ensure that the most important keywords were incorporated in the right ways,
    • add extra content to thin pages, and
    • replace image-based pages with text content that Google could read.
  • Changes to the website’s overall structure, enabling both Google and human users to understand and find information more easily.
  • Speed improvements, particularly replacing unnecessarily large image files and a slow Twitter feed.
  • Removal of redundant pages, such as those with no content.

The result

Our work focused on improving Divine Water’s Google ranking when users searched from within the target areas of East Sussex and Kent.

Across both locations we achieved a significant improvement in Google ranking:

East Sussex

  • Top of Google for 38 target search terms (previously 14)
  • Top 3 for 72 search terms (previously 34)
  • Page 1 for 96 search terms (previously 67)
Graph showing average Google ranking for searches in East Sussex
Average Google ranking for 156 keywords tracked
Search location: East Sussex


  • Top of Google for 21 search terms (previously 0)
  • Top 3 for 44 search terms (previously 7)
  • Page 1 for 72 search terms (previously 14)
Graph showing average Google ranking for searches in Kent
Average Google ranking for 156 keywords tracked
Search location: Kent
Divine Water
Divine Water logo

Ian Hampton
Sales & Business Development Manager

We’re delighted with the difference to our website and SEO. As a family business, we pride ourselves on being easy to work with, and Open Door Digital have the same approach. They explained everything clearly and professionally, so we fully understood what they were proposing and why. The whole process was smooth and straight forward, and the results have exceeded our expectations.

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