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Services: Ecommerce, Google Ads, Web design

The brief

We started working with Sandbanks Brewery in 2018 when the brewery’s new owners needed a simple, one page website to give them an online presence.

By 2020 the brewery was thriving and wanted to expand its website and include online sales of their beers.

This was an important step in the business’ growth strategy, as well as providing a vital sales channel to get them through the covid pandemic.

The solution

We designed a website with a simple user experience, aligning to their brand identity, but also echoing their location in Sandbanks, Dorset. Our focus was to drive visitors to purchase online, but also to provide tasting notes about the beers and information about visiting the brewery’s tap room.

For the online shop we chose to use the Shopify ecommerce system. The limited number of product lines meant that a more expensive solution, such as WooCommerce, was unnecessary. Plus, Shopify was one of the services which would integrate with the brewery’s logistics provider.

Rigorous testing is always a vital element of an ecommerce launch. We ensured that every step on the user journey was thoroughly tested, including quality checking the delivered beer (it was a tough job, but we managed it!).

When the website went live we ran a short-term Google Ads campaign in their local area to raise awareness of the brand and the new option to buy online.

James Barker enjoying a pint of Sandbanks Bitter

The result

The resulting website does an excellent job of showcasing this fantastic brewery.

The Shopify shop is fully integrated into the main website, giving the customer a seamless user experience, so they never feel that they’ve left the Sandbanks Brewery website.

Thanks to our Google Ads campaign Sandbanks Brewery saw an initial boost to site visitors, and traffic has been good since then, achieving 2,500 visitors to the online shop in its first year.

Sandbanks Brewery Ecommerce website
Sandbanks Brewery
Iain Potter

Iain Potter
Company Director

Despite being a small brewery, we’re immensely proud of what we do and needed a website to reflect this. But it also needed to pull its own weight and bring in sales.

Open Door Digital gave us just that. They listened to our needs and created an ecommerce website that does exactly what we needed it to do.

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