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If you believe that the content within one of the websites created by Open Door Digital is infringing your intellectual property rights, you can either contact the website owner directly or notify us about the infringement.

This includes breaches of copyright, design rights or trademarks.

When a potential infringement is brought to our attention we will liaise with the website owner and, as appropriate, put you into direct contact with them so the matter can be resolved. This means that we may give the contact information you provide to the website owner.

To report an infringement you must own the intellectual property rights yourself or be an agent who is fully authorised by the rights owner to act on their behalf.

Please send us the following details by email (to or by post (to Redgate Studio, 41 West Beeches Road, Crowborough, East Sussex, TN6 2AQ, United Kingdom):

  • Your name, email address, postal address and telephone number.
  • What type of infringement you are notifying us about (eg copyright infringement).
  • The intellectual property rights which you are alleging have been infringed.
  • The full URL of where each example of the infringement/s can be found.
  • A description of the infringement.
  • You must include the following statements:
    • I am the owner, or an agent fully authorised to act on behalf of the owner, of exclusive intellectual property rights which I have alleged to have been infringed.
    • I have a good faith belief that the material identified in this notification is being used without the authorisation of the intellectual property rights owner in a way which is not permissible under law.
    • All the information I have provided in this notification is full and accurate.
  • Your physical signature (if you are contacting us by post) or your full legal name typed at the bottom of your email.

We will reply to you as quickly as possible.