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The brief

Melior Clinics own a number of high-end aesthetic treatment clinics in Kent, London and Cambridgeshire.

We had been working together for a couple of years when they started to offer a new-to-market product called Profhilo.

Profhilo is an injectable treatment which hydrates the skin and boosts levels of collagen and elastin. The upshot should be a smoother and rejuvenated appearance.

Melior Clinics were keen to become the leading clinic for this treatment in their target locations and tasked us with the job of achieving this.

The solution

We were already managing Melior Clinic’s digital marketing, so were able to respond to this request swiftly.

Our strategy was to produce high quality content across all their marketing channels, to “get in early” and beat the competition to the top spots in Google.

This included:

  • Keyword research to identify the best search terms to target, particularly to achieve ‘featured snippet’ status.
  • Setting up website landing pages focusing on each of their target locations.
  • Creating high quality, detailed blog articles about the new treatment.
  • A social and email campaign to educate their existing audience about the new product.
Melior Clinics Profhilo page on a mobile phone

The result

Our strategy has catapulted Melior Clinics to become one of the leading Profhilo treatment providers in their local areas, including London. The location-specific landing pages we set up are all on page 1 of Google’s search results, with two of them at the very top.

Melior Clinics quickly ranked top of Google for many Profhilo-related search terms, such as “Does Profhilo work?”, “Can you have Profhilo and Botox together?” and “Is Profhilo good?”. We also achieved numerous featured snippet positions, one of which is shown here.

Featured snippet at the top of Google search

From 0 visitors in 2019, this is now bringing in 3,000 visitors per month to the website’s Profhilo content. In less than two years, 50,000 people had seen the Profhilo information.

Most importantly, this marketing strategy achieved an immediate and ongoing increase in Profhilo bookings for the clinics.

Melior Clinics
Melior Clinics logo

David Park
Managing Director

Open Door Digital consistently deliver for us, and the Profhilo campaign was no different. The majority of bookings we’ve made wouldn’t have happened without their digital marketing work. It’s a real testament to what you can achieve if you use the right people to do the right things at the right time.

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