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Featured Snippets And Sweaty Armpits

Featured snippets and sweaty armpits

17 May 2022

How we’re building a long-term SEO advantage for an aesthetics and medical treatment company

Google “Request A Quote” Button

Google “Request A Quote” button

15 October 2020

How to add a ‘request a quote’ button into your Google My Business listing

How To Focus Your Blog Writing For Greater Success

How to focus your blog writing for greater success

25 February 2020

The 3 types of blog posts you should be writing.

How To Send Clients A Link To Your Google Reviews

How to send clients a link to your Google reviews

6 August 2019

How to send customers a link so they can leave a review on your Google My Business listing.

How To Create The Perfect Out Of Office Response

How to create the perfect out of office response

15 July 2018

The holiday season’s coming up and most of us will be looking forward to a well-earned week or two off…

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates

14 February 2018

A guide to SSL certificates (HTTPS) – what they are, how they work, and how to implement one on your website to protect your visitors.

Sourcing Affordable Images For Your Website

Sourcing affordable images for your website

5 January 2018

Photography and illustrations are critical in creating an engaging website, but many small businesses struggle to find professional and relevant images at an affordable cost. In this article we look into the world of stock photography and how small businesses can use it to bring their website to life at a relatively low cost.

Writing Effective Web Page Title Tags

Writing effective web page title tags

8 December 2017

A comprehensive guide to title tags – one of the most important SEO checkpoints. Learn what they’re for and how to create them; with examples and resources.

Customised 404 Pages

Customised 404 pages

24 November 2017

We look at your 404 error page and how it could be customised to entertain or inform your visitors.

How And Why To Add Posts To Your Google My Business Listing

How and why to add posts to your Google My Business listing

6 November 2017

Google is the most popular search engine in the world with over 85% of the internet search market. Adding posts to your Google My Business listing will increase the visual impact of your listing, give you an opportunity to demonstrate that your business is active and put your most important messages in front of customers.



3 October 2017

We look at the use of favicons.

Creating SEO-ready Websites

Creating SEO-ready websites

16 September 2017

We discuss how to create an SEO-ready website – one that’s structured in a way that helps search engines find it, understand it and rank it.